Pond's (Flawless White) - Lightening Day Cream spf 18

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Pond's (Flawless White) - Lightening Day Cream spf 18
After years of intensive research on more than 20,000 genes, Pond's made a breakthrough discovery
of how a specific gene influences skin colour and created the GenActiv ™ formula.

The new technology,adapts to each individual skin’s unique melanin level. Meaning, with Flawless White’s GenActiv formula
pigmentation, sunspots and melasma will even out to their natural clear and bright, pre-sun- and environment-damaged state.
The new GenActiv formulation has two main components: 12-HSA or 12-hydroxystearic acid, which renews skin cells
and niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 as skin-lightening ingredient. It’s proven to improve hyperpigmentation.

This nourishing non-oily light day cream with the new, cutting edge flawless white™ GenActive formula spf 18 PA++
works deeply to lighten and fade spots while providing skin radiance. For effortlessly flawless, luminous fairer looking skin,
use this day cream together with Pond's Flawless White - Facial Foam and Night Cream from the same range
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