Oriental Princess lumino complex-expert white

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For all skin types
With Melano Diet Complex (pea complex extract , clairju extract, glucono delta lactone) Fades dark blemishes for a whiter complexion Gently peeling Nighttime facial skincare restores while repairing and whitening damaged skin darkened by UV radiation. With natural extracts, Melano Diet Complex performs four of five steps at the epidermis by inhibiting melanin spots at their source, sending melanin from melanin cells to the outer skin cell layers and gently peeling for a whiter, smoother, more youthful look without dehydrating your skin. Prove your skin is 1.5 times whiter and clearer than when you use ordinary whitening agents within two weeks by reduced melanin index measured by a Mexameter MX 18. 13 in 15 women feel satisfied with the whiteness they enjoy using this product.

Quantity : 1 Box & A free gift
Net wt. : 50g
Nu 850