Breast Pump (Best for working mother)

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Nuby SoftFlex™ Premium Comfort Manual Breast Pump (BPA Safe)
Who is it meant for? Mothers

How it makes life fun or easy? Soft Silicone Horn Liner: It features a soft silicone liner which lines the inside of the horn. This liner feels soft, natural, and allows the horn to create a better suction so that you can express your milk more easily.

Adjustable vari-suction valve: Allows you to adjust the suction pressure of the pump to fit your individual comfort.

Fits All Natural Touch™ Bottles and Cups: The Nûby™ Comfort™ Breast Pump provides more flexibility and convenience. You can express, store, and feed using any Nûby™ Natural Touch™ bottle or cup! This allows you to give your baby the benefits of breast milk and continue breast feeding even longer.

What does it look like? The pack includes:
SoftFlex Silicone Horn and hygienic travel cover
80z/ 240ml Natural Nurser with Breast sized silicone nipple screw and hood.
50z/ 150ml Natural Nurser
Breast Pump standing cradle
Silicone storage lid
6 Disposal Breast pads
Nu 2,150