Shing Lambenda Ezay (Tamarillo or Tree Tomatoe Pickle

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Shing Lambenda Ezay:- The main ingredient is Tamarillo or Tree Tomatoe (Shing Lambenda or Lambendachup in Dzongkha). This ezay was produced from 2011 and is a seasonal product. Shelf life is for 2 months. Moisture content is high so is used for immediate consumption and can be used directly with food. It is bit sour in taste. No preservatives are used. Please refrigerate once it is opened.

Convenient for students studying abroad/hostels, gift items.

Packed in two different shapes of bottles of 200gms and 350gms.

Nutritional Facts:-
Protein 8.75%
Fat 22%
Energy Kcal/100g 308.36%
Dietery Fibre 14.47%
Vitamin A in I.U/100g 12.09%
Vitamin C mg/100g 29.76%

How to use:-
In a bowl, add chopped coriander, onion, tomatoes, two tbls of water to form paste and salt to taste. Mix properly with two/three tbls of Shinglamnda Ezay and make a paste. This would serve a family of 6/7 persons.

Otherwise just scoop required quantity and eat with rice. It can also be used with instant noodles.
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