Zhimtsi Ezay (Perilla Pickle)

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Zhimtsi Ezay:- The main ingredient is Perilla Frutescens (Zhimtsi is a word in Dzongkha, Naam in Kheng/Sharchopkha and Silam in Nepali) and was one of the first product of "Tshejor's Ayzey". Shelf life is for 6 months. Product is in drier form for longer use. No preservatives is used. Please refrigerate once it is opened.

Convenient for students studying abroad/hostels, gift items.

Packed in two different shapes of bottles of 200gms and 350gms.

Nutritional Facts:-
Protein 12.12%
Fat 25.6%
Energy Kcal/100g 425.40%
Dietery Fibre 33.44%
Vitamin A in I.U/100g 13.65%
Vitamin C mg/100g 28.11%

How to use:-
In a bowl, add chopped coriander, onion, tomatoes, two tbls of water to form paste and salt to taste. Mix properly with two/three tbls of Zhimtsi Ezay and make a paste. This would serve a family of 6/7 persons.

Otherwise just scoop required quantity and eat with rice. It can also be used with instant noodles.

Name of perilla plants in different languages:-
China : Zisu
Japan : Shisho
Korean: Deulkkae or Tulkkae
Laos: Pak maengda
Nepal : Silam
India : Bhangira
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