Thingney Ezay

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Thingney Ezay:- The main ingredient is Sichuan Pepper (Thingney in Dzongkha). This ezay was introduced in 2012 and it has very strong fiery taste. It is to be consumed in small quanties and is not recommended for people with health problems. Shelf life is for 6 months. No preservatives is used. Please refrigerate once it is opened.

Convenient for students studying abroad/hostels, gift items.

Packed in two different shapes of bottles of 200gms and 350gms.

Nutritional Facts:-
Protein 8.90%
Fat 14.5%
Energy Kcal/100g 319.94%
Dietery Fibre 31.25%
Vitamin A in I.U/100g 7.22%
Vitamin C mg/100g 28.95%

How to use:-

Quarter tblsp to eat with rice or as accompaniment with hard drinks.

Different names for Sichuan Pepper:-

Szechwan pepper or Szechuan pepper , Zanthoxylum, Prickly Ash

Tibetan : Yer Ma
Nepali : Timur
Chinese : hu?ji?o (??; literally "flower pepper").
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