Chagop Ezay

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Chagop Ezay:- The main ingredient is Allium sativum, common name Garlic (Chagop in Dzongkha). This ezay was introduced in 2013 and mild in taste. Sichuan pepper has not been used and is oily in nature. Shelf life is for 6 months. No preservatives is used. Please refrigerate once it is opened.

Convenient for students studying abroad/hostels, gift items.

Packed in two different shapes of bottles of 200gms and 350gms.

How to use:-

In a bowl, add chopped coriander, onion, tomatoes, two tbls of water to form paste and salt to taste. Mix properly with two/three tbls of Chagop Ezay and make a paste. This would serve a family of 6/7 persons.

Otherwise just scoop required quantity and eat with rice. It can also be used with instant noodles.

Different names for Garlic:
• English: Garlic
• French: Ail
• Spanish: Ajo
• German: knoblauch
• Italian: Aglio
Vietnamese: H? Ch? Nôm ????
Thai :???????
Korean name (Hangul) : ??
Japanese name (Kanji) ?/? (Kana)??
Malay name : kucai
Indonesian name: kucai
Filipino name: (Tagalog) kutsay
Nepali name:dunduko sag
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