Tshejor's Ayzey

Created on : 02/09/2013
Owner : Tshewang Dem
Phone/Mobile : 17611889
Address : Upper Chang Gangkha, Near CDCL office, Bulding no. 13, Flat no G.02, Thimphu
“Tshejor’s Ayzey” is a Bhutanese pickle commonly known in local language as “ezay”, which is home-made, using traditional ingredients and innovative recipes without any preservatives and less oil. “Tshejor’s Ayzey” has been in the market for over thirteen years. It is a vegetarian product, fiery hot and spicy with different unique taste and flavours and nutritious with high energy and less fats. The products serve as appetizers and are commonly used with rice, bread or flat bread and even as an accompaniment with drinks. It has six different varieties of flavors and made with various organic ingredients such as chili powder, Sichuan pepper, salt, oil, garlic and ginger as the base ingredients. All flavors are named after the key ingredients like Perilla Frutescens (Zhimtsi Ezay), Fermented Cheese (Zoedoe Ezay), Tree tomatoes (Shinglambenda Ezay), Fermented Soyabean (Keeneyma Ezay), Sichuan Pepper (Thingney Ezay) and Garlic (Chagop Ezay). It comes in two different shapes and sizes of 200 gm and 350 gm of glass bottles and pet bottles. The shelf life of the products are from two to six months. Tshejor’s product lines are as follows:- Zhimtsi Ezay:- The main ingredient is Perilla Frutescens Zoedoe Ezay:- Zoedoe is a fermented cheese and is available from Merak/Sakteng in Eastern Bhutan. Shing Lambenda Ezay:- is Tree Tomato or Tamarillo and is a seasonal product. Thingney Ezay :- Thingney is called “Sichuan Pepper” and is very hot in nature. Chagop Ezay :- the latest product - Garlic pickle.